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"Seth" 2004-2005

FOCAS receives donations in honor or in memory of cherished family, friends and pets.  It is a fitting tribute to individuals, with compassion for animals, or a devoted pet to celebrate how they have touched lives or to perpetuate their memory in such a meaningful, caring helping homeless animals live.

When you send a donation in memory of a beloved pet, we invite you to include a picture that can be shared with others in honor of your special companion.

In Celebration and In Honor



"Alf" Haus, from Scott & Debra Doherty

Anne Commerano, from Carol Kirchoff



S/Sgt. Daniel Bellis- USAF, from Lawrence Bellis

"Chevy" DeFrino, from Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. DeFrino

"Cory" Wood, from Edward Wood


FOCAS Angel Fund in lieu of wedding favors, from Jason & Debra Stephans

Gloria Corrigan on her birthday for all that she does for animals, from Patricia Arndt

Haus pets, from Sylvia Gapczynski



Helen Barden, from Christine Haus



"Norman" Bissell, from Sonia Bissell



Ruth Warnaar, from the Cherico Family



Terry Schuster's "special" birthday, from the Falkow Family

In Thanks





Ann King (FOCAS) for help in capturing 3 cats, contributor anonymous


Carol Burrows (FOCAS) for help with 9 kittens, from Robert & Louise Hewitt

Gary & Cheryl Yacono for forgoing Christmas gifts to give to FOCAS, from Ron & Marilyn Rietzel

FOCAS spay/neuter program, from Diane Dougherty

FOCAS spay/neuter program, from Karen Gray


FOCAS spay/neuter program,  from Ceil Terra


FOCAS for being such a great animal group, from Tony Trey

Memorials - People



Barbara Nerfin, from Jill Krapels


Betty Garito, from Lorraine & Joseph Lenge
Doris Surkies, from Robert & Carol Kirchoff

Edy Del Nero, from the Concato Family


Ernest Otto, from Gladys J. Blankley


Ernest Otto, from Mr. & Mrs. George Luikert

Ernest Otto, from David & Shannon Whelan

Geneieve Sobelewski, from Joseph & Lorraine Lenge

Gloria Cerullo, from Steven Hern


Gloria Cerullo, from Linda LaFerrera


Hanna Danoff, from Phyllis Saleh


Harriet Bertelson, from Elizabeth Bellamy


Harry Carley, from R. V. Carley


Marie L. Moore, from Susan M. Moore

Marie L. Moore, from Stephen R. Moore


Mark DeStefan, from Josephine Swick


Murray Nirenberg, from Sandra Varano


Paulette Garbarini, from Teri Fegarsky


Ralph Miller, from Susan Paul & Family


Robert J. Moody, from the family of Robert J. Moody

Ruth Erickon, from Ricahrd & Karen Erickson

Stella Helen Vlaovich, from Virginia Casoria

Stella Helan Vlaovich, from Dotty Dey


Stella Helen Vlaovich, from Patricia Judge

Stella Helen Vlaovich, from Marianne Wunsch

Tom Neilson, from Pete & Judy Donahue


Victoria Siciak, from Eugene & Arleen Siciak

Memorials - Pets





"Alexander" Hylicke, from Bill & Jane Hylicke


"A Little Life," Kathleen Jones



"Ashley", from Isabel Baraniecki



"Baby Bop" Kepsels, from W.P. Kepsel



"Bell" Bertelson, from Elizabeth Bellamy



"Bonzai" Muller beloved cat of Elizabeth Muller, from Blanche Miller

"Boots" Dani, from Madeleine Dani



"Boots" Shapiro, from Stuart & Mary Eckert


"Brandy" and "Thora," from the Barber Shop, from P. Sorrentino

"Bruno" & "Tabitha" Eckert and "Sake" Shapiro, from Stuart & Mary Eckert

"Buddy" & "Punkin", from Gary & Cheryl Yacono


"Charlie" Leach, from Tom & Jade Leach



"Charlotte," contributor unknown



"Chevy" DeFrino, from Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. DeFrino

"Clarice," "Fruitcake," "Holiday," and "Peeps" Fisher, from Michael & Lorraine Fisher

"Cody" Carley, from R.V. Carley



"Cody" Liati, from Barbara Liati



"Daisy" Moore, from Susan M. Moore



"Dead" & "Alive" Jakubowski, from Eugene & Arleen Siciak

"Dusty" & "Luden" (horses) Plucinsky, from Bill & Connie Plucinsky

"Fluffy" McCann, from Grace C. McCann


"Frodo," contributor unknown




"Gary" McNally, from Marty & Phyllis Bensen


"Gypsy" & "Pablo" DiFazio, from Susan DeFAzio

"Hershey" Janowsky, from Eileen, Steven, Susan and David Janowsky


"Hershey" Bar Schroeder, from Dian Schroeder


"Isis" Rinkacs, from Stephen Rinkacs



"Jynx" beloved cat of Joe & Pat Mazzone, from Judith Stephans

"Katie" McDonough, from Raymond & Connie McDonough

"Liza" Burns, from James S. Burns

"Luke" Dederick, from Jay G. Dederick



"Maggie Mae," from Barry T. Gnecco



"Max" loved by Bronn Dennery & Jill Greff, from Chris Emerizy & Karen Moylan

"Muffin," "Rusty" and "Woody" Pons, from Cecelia Pons

"Noodle" Tullo, from Gary & Rita Tullo



"Olaf" Piatti, from Sandra Frost Piatti



"Patch" Gooding, from Barbara Gooding



"Punkin" Barden, from Carol Burrows



"Punkin" Barden, from Grandma



"Punkin" Barden, from Mike & Chris Haus

"Punkin Barden, from "Choo-Choo," "Patches," and "Shadow" Stamm

"Rat the Cat" Oppen, from Alice Gunther and the Scrabble Gals


"Red Rover"Taylor, from Kathleen P. Taylor


"Ruby" Pepperted, from Eileen Pepperted


"Sammy" Posochowicz, from Miles Birkitt


"Shadow" (dog) & "Stella" (cat) Pierce, from James J. Pierce

"Shelby" Robinson, from Valerie Robinson


"Smokey" Cusano, from Paul Cusano, M.D.


"Spike" Blevis, from Karen Blevis



"Stan" and "Blackie" Frascella, from Daniel Frascella III

"Sweet Pea" Wulff, from Doris Wulff



"Taffy" Ligregni, from Lorraine Ligregni



"Tanya" Montague, from Franziska M. Montague

"Woodruff" King, Bob & Ann King


"Woo Woo," contributor anonymous