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FOCAS Rescue & Transport Program

FOCAS helps coordinate rescue efforts with shelter staff members to place adoptable animals who are deemed to be especially difficult to place for reasons such as age, physical condition, size or breed.  The
 goal is to adopt them to a specialized rescue organization that will work with each animal individually to
place it into a permanent home. 
The transport of the animals is done by a member of the FOCAS rescue team. 

FOCAS Adoption (Cats & Bunnies) Program - PETCO

This FOCAS program brings animals to the local community.  The same adoption criteria and processes
apply at offsite adoptions (PETCO) that apply at the participating shelters.  

FOCAS "Low-Cost" Feral/Stray Cat Trap & Spay/Neuter Program

The FOCAS Help Line 201-943-4019 provides follow-up calls by phone counselors.  The program provides funding and assistance for trapping and spay/neuter of feral and stray cats.  FOCAS also provides low cost spay neuter referrals for owned pets.  There is a $20 donation requested per cat to help off-set admit costs.

FOCAS Foster Care Program for Infant, Medical or Speical Needs Animals

Infant, medical and special needs animals require time and attention that cannot always be given in the
shelter environment. Many of these animals require special therapy, mediation and handling.  The purpose
of this program is to assist shelters in the nurture, care and socialization of these animals. 

FOCAS Volunteer Services Program

This essential FOCAS program provides volunteer service for animal exercise, on-site adoption assistance and grooming for shelter animals.  

FOCAS Angel Fund

FOCAS provides financial assistance to shelter animals for extraordinary medical procedures or care that cannot be given within the shelter environment.

Helping Hands Program
FOCAS offers financial and "people" assistance to individuals referred by local veterinarians, who because of  financial or physical hardship, are considering Euthanasia for their pet companion

Advertising to Benefit Animals

FOCAS funds advertising for adoptions of shelter animals and the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

FOCAS School/Children Outreach Program
FOCAS volunteers visit local schools to educate the community on pet companion animal care, responsible
pet ownership, the rewards of adopting a pet from a shelter, the need for spaying and neutering and the importance of volunteerism