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G R E A T News!  In 2020, adhereing to COVID compliant restrictions, several hundred feral and stray cats and kittens were spayed/neutered, given rabies & distemper vaccines (and medical care for those with medical needs) by FOCAS' TNR program. Apprximately 60 homeless cats, kittens and a dog in FOCAS on-going foster care home nurture were placed into adopting "foreaver" homes. 

Meet FOCAS Angels "Joey" and "Trooper," abused puppies rescued by FOCAS. 

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other Angels or click here.  See our Thank You keepsake!

Brett and Blythe - See them on PetFinder
Olivia - See her on Petfinder

Preview FOCAS pets for adoption at  Be A FOCAS Volunteer OR perhaps sign-up to be a FOCAS foster caregiver.  Join our volunteer famiy to expereience the gratification of serving your community and saving lives first-hand.  

Save a life.  Make a PayPal donation below.  Your support is priceless!!

Below are easy ways for you to help FOCAS save a life
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FOCAS homless animals benefit from purchases made for your pet.  Visit to learn more.


Help FOCAS befriend an animal in need.  Join iGive, an internet shopping mall with over 80 merchants.  All will donate a percentage of your purchase to FOCAS.  It doesn't cost you anything, and the total amount donated is tax deductible.  Just for registering, FOCAS receives a $5.00 donation.  An additional $5.00 goes to FOCAS if you actually shop.  Your information is kept private - members' names are not sold to anyone.  Please consider registering with iGive.

A 100% volunteer non-profit (501) (C) (3) humane charity dedicated to the well-being of homeless animals, including those at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.  Founded in 1984 to promote the general welfare and natural conservation, preservation and protection of all species of animals.  No FOCAS Trustee or volunteer is paid for their service.  Your financial contributions touch homless, orphaned, sick and    
                        injured animals throughout the County.  Your support is priceless!